Evelyn Ward

Biography and Stats

Birthday: May 21

Hometown: West Orange, New Jersey

Parents: Fred and Ethel Ward

Currently married to: Not currently married

Previous Marriages: Jack Cassidy (m. 1948-56) and Elliott Silverstein (m. 1962-?)

Children: David Bruce Cassidy (with Jack Cassidy, b. 1950)

Television: Several, including - Manhattan Showcase (as a helper to host Johnny Downs, CBS - 1949), The College Bowl (ABC - 1950-1), Man From UNCLE (as Farina in "The Discotheque Affair"), Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare

Recordings: "Such a Pretty Face" (1997) Original Cast Records

Stage: Several including - New Girl in Town, And So To Bed (with David Cassidy at the LA Theater Center

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