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The Cassidy Wives: Sue Shifrin, Susan Diol and Melissa Hurley

While we wonder at where these guys would be without Sue, Susan and Melissa, these are women with lives and careers of their own

Sue Shifrin-Cassidy:

Birthday: April 17
Occupation: Singer and Songwriter
Married To: David Cassidy (m. March 30, 1991)
Children: Beau Devin Cassidy (b. February 8, 1991)
Currently Working On: Involved in the EAT'M Conference
Music Credits: "Another Chance to Love" (Dionne Warwick - Reservations For Two), "Giving You The Rest of My Life" - (Bob Carlise - self-titled), "Getting Away With Murder" (Meat Loaf - Blind Before I Sleep), "Show Some Respect" (Tina Turner - Private Dancer). "I Can't Stand The Heat" (Millie Scott - self-titled), Never Too Late (Tuesday Knight - self-titled), and Nightcaller (Artimus Pyle Band - Night Caller)
ALSO: Soundtracks for The Pirate Movie & Malibu Bikini Shop (1987), co-writer & singer on David Cassidy, Didn't You Used To Be, & Old Trick, New Dog with husband DAVID CASSIDY

Susan Diol-Cassidy:

Birthday: May 25
Occupation: Actress
Married To: Shaun Cassidy (m. May 7, 1995)
Children: Juliet Jones Cassidy (b. March 19, 1998), also Caitlin Ann Cassidy (stepdaughter - b. November 25, 1981) and John Pennington (Jake) Cassidy (stepson - b. February 27, 1985)
Currently Working On: Auditioning
Television (Starring Roles): Popeye Doyle (1986), Hothouse (as Claudia, 1988), The Road Raiders (as Lt Johanson, 1989), Days of Our Lives (as Emmy Bordon, 1990-1), Seduction: Three Tales from the 'Inner Sanctum' (1992), One Live to Live (as Angela Holliday, 1993-4), A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Jealous Jokester (1995), Her Deadly Rival (as Jean, 1995), Alien Nation: Millennium (1996)
Televvision (Guest Roles): The Cosby Show (as Cheryl in "Home for the Weekend", 1987), Growing Pains (as Ms Sanders in "Carol Meets the Real World", 10/4/89), Baywatch (as Kate in "Old Friends", 1990), Quantum Leap (as Beth Calavicci in "M.I.A", 5/9/1990 and in "Mirror Image", 5/5/93), Resonable Doubts (1991), Civil Wars (as Lorraine Dalleck, 1991), Night Court (as Donna in "Family Affair: Parts 1 and 2", 1991), Star Trek: The Next Generation (as Carmen Davila in "Silicon Avatar", 10/12/91), Seinfeld (as Audrey in "The Nose Job", 11/20/91), Herman's Head (as the hypnotist in "Feardom of Speech", 12/13/92), Christy (as Margaret Henderson MacNeil in "Amazing Grace", 5/5/94, & "Roadhouse", 8/2/95), Party of Five (as Rebecca in "All's Fair", 10/10/94), Walker, Texas Ranger (as Dana Reno in "War Zone", 2/11/95), Wings (as Heather in "Hooker, Line and Sinker", 11/7/95), The Client (1996), Touched by an Angel (as Susan Duplain in "The One That Got Away", 1/6/96), Star Trek: Voyager (as Dr. Danara Pel in "Lifesigns", 2/26/96), Moloney, One West Wiakki (pilot), Murphey Brown (the supermarket), Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher (the date)
Fan Site: The Unofficial Susan Diol Web Page

Melissa Hurley-Cassidy:

Birthday: July 21

Occupation: Dancer

Married To: Patrick Cassidy (m. February 12, 1994)

Children: Cole Patrick Cassidy (b. July 31, 1995) and Jack Gordon Cassidy (b. August 16, 1998)

Currently Working on: Co-starring with Patrick as Pharoh's wife & dancer in "Joseph & Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", teaching dance classes

Other Credits: Dancer in films "That Thing You Do" and "Three Men And A Little Lady" and on 1997 Oscar Broadcast

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