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I wanted to be a pop star like this wonderful model I had in my older brother David. It seemed like a good job, a good way to meet girls. Ask a lot of pop stars. They'll tell you that was their prime motive there. -- Shaun Cassidy

The stuff that really hit David hard emotionally had more to do with his identity and what they were taking from him - You know, 'Who am I?' and all that stuff. -- Shaun Cassidy

My mom, you know she'll tell you this, but she did a series because she wanted to be at home with us and I get that. But what came with that bargain was this incredible popularity on television so we couldn't go out with her as much anymore. You know, television stars are very approachable to the public whereas movie stars retain - at least they used to - retain more of a, you know, untouchable quality. But suddenly she was Mrs. Partridge and everybody was coming up to her. -- Shaun Cassidy

David was a complete novelty coming into this thing...As I said, he was this guy at our house then he's the guy on this show with my mom playing my mom's son but he's not my mom's son. He's my father's son but you know...and that's been an explanation we've all had to go through for years. -- Shaun Cassidy

I'm working at what I think I'm meant to be doing. I'm wildly in love with my wife. -- Shaun Cassidy

Shaun wasn't given, as I say, the gifts from god athletically. So, although he had the competitive nature, he didn't really have the skills and so to see me flourish in that area I think was really difficult for him and what it did was create a constant competitive energy between he and I that we share to this day. -- Patrick Cassidy

Coming out of high school I had every record company at the time - both the ones that represented my brothers and other ones interested in me just beacuse my last name was C-A-S-S-I-D-Y and I could fit into spandex pants pretty well, too. -- Patrick Cassidy

At this particular time in my life, I'm really happy with how we are as brothers and as people and connected and I hope that - I hope that that stays because ultimately that's the thing that endures. -- Patrick Cassidy

I was going to say that David came to my rescue -- I think he was part of this. It was during the summer and we were in a public pool and Shaun pantsed me in the pool. And he took my shorts and he hung them on the gate outside the thing so the only way I could get the shorts was to get out of the pool and David was in on it! He didn't help! David said, 'Come on, kid! Get out of the pool. Come on! The shorts are there! You can get 'em!' Antagonizing and brotherly fun. -- Patrick Cassidy

Patrick and Shaun were rivaling brothers and I was always trying to get in the middle of them and be part of that. Patrick was very competitive and became more competitive as a result of Shaun beating him up all the time. -- Ryan Cassidy

Baby Photo Of Ryan From The Special Can Be Seen At His Site: Official Ryan Cassidy Site - Ryan Retrospecive Page Two

When dad picked me up on the way to New York, oh by the way Dad, are you and mom gettting a divorce,and he looked at me,only the he can look and said yes,he bought me a puppy, that day, it was nice gesture, but it not what I was looking for. -- David Cassidy (submitted by Elizabeth O'Brien)

All Quotes Taken From The Fox Family Channel Famous Family Series Focus On The Cassidys

Fox Family Channel Famous Families Series:
The Cassidys

First Broadcast January 4 -- Rebroadcast January 23

I remember always wanting to skip school and go hang out on the set with my mom and...because I became friends with everybody as a kid. I loved it. -- Ryan Cassidy

My dad had a really hard time with reality. He created his own world of fantasy that he lived in that he did not want to leave and if he had to deal with reality, he found it uncomfortable -- Ryan Cassidy

I was really, really intimidated by it all and didn't know why - if I was doing it really because this is something I want to do? Do I have a real passion for being an actor or am I doing it because this is what is expected of me? -- Ryan Cassidy

I thought, well, if I do something that is completely different from what my family does - I create my own little world - Now, I can say 'This is what I do and I enjoy it.' -- Ryan Cassidy

We started looking for aspects of our father in each other and I discovered aspects of my father I didn't know were in Ryan or didn't know were in Patrick but have found them over the years as they've gotten older. So, he doesn't die, in a sense. -- Shaun Cassidy

I have a lot of mixed feeling about the memories of him because he was a pretty manic guy, you know, and he was magical and crazy which is a pretty intoxicating mixture. -- Shaun Cassidy

I couldn't be happier being a parent. It's the most uplifting, wonderful, can't-put-into-words feeling - daily. -- Patrick Cassidy

I used to take the three of them on. You know, I can remember having Shaun over this arm, Patrick over this arm and carrying Ryan like this and swinging them around. And you know, they'd be diving on me and I'd be throwing them all over the place and I can remember a lot of that stuff going on. And as soon as I would walk in the door, Shaun would instantly start, like, hitting Patrick. The moment I'd walk in he'd go BANG! And Patrick would be looking at me, like, 'Hi, Dave-(**impact**)'. You know. There was a lot of love there. -- David Cassidy

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When I got into my thirties and he was in his early forties - or late thirties - he and I had gone through a very specific experience that is very unique and there aren't that many people that you can go to and talk to about it - much less people in your own family - and being able to go to him and say, you know, 'How did you deal with this?', 'How did you deal with that?' and here we are. It was a great thing. It was very theraputic for both of us. -- Shaun Cassidy

I really felt my father go through me and I held my brothers - my three brothers - like this and we held each other and I remember saying, 'This is the reason he was here.'-- David Cassidy

They introduce me to the lead actress who is Shirley Jones,so I said what you doing here? She looked at me said, "What you doing here?" as I recall, and I said, "Well, I'm reading the lead guy." I said, "What are you doing here?" She said, "I'm the mother." I said, "Your kidding!" -- David Cassidy (submitted by Elizabeth O'Brien)

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