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Shirley Mae Jones
Stats and Biography

Birthday: March 31, 1934

Hometown: Smithton, PA

Parents: Paul and Marjorie Jones

Siblings: None

Currently Married To: Marty Ingels (m. 1977)

Children: David Bruce Cassidy (stepson), Shaun Paul Cassidy (with Jack Cassidy - b. 1958), Patrick William cassidy (with Jack Cassidy - b. 1962), Ryan John Cassidy (with Jack Cassidy - b. 1966)

Pets: Numerous cats and dogs

Other Marriages: Jack Cassidy (m. 1956-1974)

Currently Living In: Beverly Hills, CA

Current Project: Currently touring with her own act

Television (Starring Roles): The Partridge Family (as Shirley Partridge - 1970-4), Shirley (1980)

Television (Guest Roles): Several including - Playhouse 90 ("The Big Slide"), The United States Steel Hour ("Shadow of Evil" - 12/27/57), Dream Wife (pilot, 1965), The Andy Williams Show (3/8/65 and 1/8/67), McMillan and Wife (as Ellyn Mandrake in "Phillip's Game" 1/23/77), The Adventures of Pollyanna (pilot, 1982), Hotel (1983), The Slap Maxwell Story (as Kitty - 1988), Murder She Wrote (as Kathleen Lane in "The Body Politic - 5/8/88 and as Ann Owens Arden in "Shear Madness" - 4/29/90), Empty Nest (as Jean McDowell in "The Way We Are" - 5/11/91), Burke's Law ("Who Killed the Romance?" 4/29/94 and as Barbara Mansfield in "Who Killed the Gadget Man?" - 3/28/95), Deadly Games (as Shirley/Evil Shirley in "One Mean Mother" - 1995), Women of the House (as herself in "Women in Film" - 9/8/95), Something So Right (as Carly's mom), Melrose Place (as Mrs. Lewis in "Where the Hookers Grow" - 9/21/98, The Drew Carey Show (1998-9)

Films: Oklahoma! (as Laurey Williams, 1955), Carousel (as Julie Jordan, 1956), April Love (as Liz Templeton, 1957), Never Steal Anything Small (as Linda Cabot, 1959), Pepe (as Suzie Murphy, 1960), Elmer Gantry (as Lulu Baines - Oscar for Best Supporting Actress), Bobbikins (as Betty Barnaby, 1960), Two Rode Together (as Marty Purcel, 1961), The Music Man (as Marian Paroo, 1962), A Ticklish Affair (as Amy Martin, 1963), The Courtship of Eddie's Father (as Elizabeth Marten, 1963), L'Intigo (as Karen Williams, 1964 - aka Dark Purpose), Bedtime Story (as Janet Walker, 1964), The Secret of My Success (as Marigold Marado, 1965), Fluffy (as Janice Claridge, 1965), The Happy Ending (as Flo, 1969), El Golfo (1969), Silent Night, Lonely Night (as Katherine Johnson, 1969), Oddly Coupled (1970 - aka Fish for All), The Cheyenne Social Club (as Jenny, 1971), But I Don't Want to Get Married (as Evelyn Harris, 1970 - TV), The Girls of Huntington House (1973 - TV), Winner Take All (1975 - TV), The Lives of Jenny Dolan (1975 - TV), The Family Nobody Wanted (1975 - TV), Yesterday's Child (as Laura Talbot, 1977 - TV), Who'll Save Our Children? 1978 - TV), Evening in Byzantium (1978 - TV), A Last Cry for Help (as Joan Muir, 1979 - TV), Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (as Gina Rowe, 1979), The Children of An Lac (1980 - TV), Inmates: A Love Story (1981 - TV), Tank (as LaDonna, 1984), There Were Times, Dear (as Susanne Millard, 1985), Charlie (1989 - TV), Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul (1993), Cops and Roberts (as herself, 1995), Dog's Best Friend (as Ethel, 1997 - TV), This Is My Father (1998), Gideon's Web (1998)

Stage Work: South Pacific (1953), Me and Juliet (Chicago, IL - 1954), Oklahoma! (with Jack Cassidy - Paris, France and Rome Italy under State Department sponsorship - 1956), The Beggar's Opera (with Jack Cassidy - 1956-7), Maggie Flynn (with Jack Cassidy - 1967), On a Clear Day (with Shaun Cassidy - touring - 1972 and 1974), Bitter Sweet (1975), Show Boat (national tour - 1976), The Sound of Music (with Patrick Cassidy - touring - 1977), Love Letters (with Marty Ingels - Allenberry Theatre, PA - 1994 and Northern CA - 1995), The King and I (touring - 1994)

Videos: Shirley Jones Lite Aerobic Workout (1990), Shirley Jones Lo-Cal Diet, Exercise & Beauty Program (1991)

Soundtracks: Oklahoma! (1955), Carousel (1956), April Love (1957), Brigadoon (with Jack Cassidy - 1957), Pepe (1960), The Music Man (1962), Maggie Flynn (with Jack Cassidy - 1968)
Partridge Family: The Partridge Family Album (1970), Partridge Family Up-To-Date (1971), Partridge Family Sound Magazine (1971), A Partridge Family Christmas Card (1971), Partridge Family Shopping Bag (1972), Partridge Family Notebook (1972), Partridge Family Crossword Puzzle (1973), Partridge Family Bulletin Board (1973), The World of the Partridge Family, Greatest Hits (1974)
Other Recordings: Speaking of Love (with Jack Cassidy - 1957), With Love, From Hollywood (with Jack Cassidy - 1958), I've Still Got My Heart, Joe (1972), Ain't Love Easy (1972), Free To Be...You And Me (with Jack Cassidy, multiple artist - 1972), Silent Strength (1989), The Christmas Album...A Gift of Hope (with Shaun Cassidy - 1991), Shirley (1992), An Evening with Rogers and Hammerstein, The Sullivan Years (multiple artist - 1993), George and Ira Gershwin, A Musical Celebration (multiple artist - 1994), Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy Show Tunes (compilation, 1995), Lerner, Loewe, Lane & Friends (also features Patrick Cassidy, multiple artist - 1998)

Awards: Most notably the 1961 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress

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