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Ryan John Cassidy

Stats And Biography

Birthday: February 23, 1966

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Parents: Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones

Siblings: David Cassidy (half-brother), Shaun Cassidy and Patrick Cassidy

Currently Married To: not married

Children: none yet

Pets: Riley, a Boston terrier

Currently Living In: Los Angeles, CA

Current Project: Set dresser/designer on WB series "Movie Stars"

Television (Starring Roles): The Facts of Life (NBC - as Kevin Metcalf - 1985), also the Lionel Ritchie video Penny Lover in 1984

Television (Guest Roles): Jesse Hawkes (CBS - as Centurian Jake Hittman - 1989)

Other Information: After about seven years as an actor, Ryan left show business in the '90s and pursued different avenues, finally settling on work behind the scenes. He is now a successful set designer and has worked on such projects as the film "One True Thing",the CBS sitcom "King of Queens" and most recently the WB series "Movie Stars". However, in 1999 Ryan started taking acting courses again and is currently in a scene study class with thoughts of returning to acting as a full-time profession. He said that while working in television allows you to have a life he is looking for serious dramatic roles in motion pictures or on stage. He is also a known maritime/Titanic collector recently featured in a 1998 A&E documentary about Titanic.

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