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Question 1: Before the crest ring, what ring did David wear?
The ring David wore was a blue lindy star

Question 2: Who gave that ring to David?
That ring was given to David by his father

Question 3: What year did Jack give his sons the crest rings?
According to a teen magazine article about David, Jack gave his sons their rings in 1970

Question 4: According to an early 70s article, what childrens book series did young Ryan identify with?
The article said that young Ryan identified with Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh because of his allergies and asthma.

Question 5: What beauty pagent title did Shirley hold?
Shirley held the title of Miss Pittsburgh

Question 6: What state did Ryan's character in Facts of Life come from?
While Kevin Metcalf's father came from Appleton, Wisconsin, Kevin supposedly grew up in California with his mother.

Question 7: What was the name of the film Shaun did for AFI when he was just starting out?
Angel Dusted was a TV movie Patrick did in 1980. Shaun appeared on atage with his mother in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever and later did Like Normal People. Hoever, born of Water was the AFI film he did early in his career.

Question 8: True or False: David had to wear glasses as a child.
True - He had to wear glasses for a short period of time to correct a vision problem.

Question 9: Two of Patrick's female costars, one from Leader of the Pack and the other from Just The Way You Are, did an 80s sitcom together. What was it?
While it is true that Jasmine Guy was later in A Diffrent World, Dinah Manoff and Kristy McNichol were in Empty Nest together in the late 80s.

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