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"They were sweet boys who grew into good men........"Shirley Jones

Cassidy Family News

The Latest On The Family:

THE FOX FAMOUS FAMILIES SPECIAL on the CASSIDYS is set to repeat on Thurs, APRIL 22 at 6pm The 2-hour Special was previewed on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT on Dec 30, with DAVID & SHAUN.

SHAUN & SUSAN not only hosted THANKSGIVING, But also CHRISTMAS, according to RYAN.

The HARDY BOYS also premieres on TV LAND on the 4th of JAN at 1pm EST, but has been taken off for the month of March. We hope it will return soon.

All British web-sters should keep an eye on their TV listing for future repeats on the BBC doucumentary on David, which debuted on Dec 15. British TV has interviewed Shaun & other Family members & Friends for an up-coming special on David. Keep us posted!

So What Do They Say About Each Other?

Patrick (1989 Cassidy Class Questionnaire, Susanne Stiward, editor): My brothers are my closest friends, aside from being siblings. On a daily basis, we workout together, go to lunch, and weekly conversations over dinner or what not.

David (1991, Shirley and Marty: An Unlikely Love Story): And the reason my brothers are as good and as real and as together as they are is because they had a real mother, not a movie star.

Shirley (1984, "People Are Talking"): As a child, Mother's Day was always a big church day for us. We'd dress to the teeth and listen to Reverend Jader extol the wondrous virtues of the Mother's Day saint. But time marches on. Reverend Jader left the church, my mother became a Methodist, and my three children are convinced the great Mother's Day saint abides somewhere on Rodeo Drive -- in the shops between Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevard.

Shaun (1977, Merv Griffin interview): I think of my little brothers, you know. They must be totally, "Everybody's on television!"

David (1972, Tiger Beat Fave - consider the source and take this as you will): I think ever since I first heard the story of Cinderella, the word "step" has brought to my mind the image of wicked and horrible people. The four of us are brothers! It's as pure and simple as that. Of course we fight -- what brothers don't -- but we have a deep love and respect for each other that makes us treasure the precious times we can spend together....

...The four of us have such good times together. Like the time I took them camping. We had a flat tire on the way there, somehow I had forgotten to bring a can opener so we couldn't have any dinner, and the zipper on Patrick's sleeping bag got stuck and we had to take him home in that bag like a mermaid until we could cut him out of it.

Then there was the time I took them to see a nice old-fashioned Disney movie. Unfortunately, I hadn't realized they had changed the bill and when we drove up to the theater I saw Walt Disney had been replaced by an X-rated movie. I quickly turned the car around and had to do some quick explaining to tell them why I had decided we should go bowling instead.

Shaun and Patrick are getting to the age where they're starting to discover girls, and they want opinions on differentt hings. Our talks range from how to ask a girl for a date to what they can do to improve their basketball games. I'm very proud they come to me with their problems and questions, and I do everything in my power to see that I set them ont he right track. It's kind of nice being the "big brother," especially when you have brothers like mine!

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