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The Official Shirley Jones International Fan Club

Join The Official Shirley Jones International Fan Club and get the latest news delivered to your doorstep!

All members receive: 1-8X10 photo, 2-4X6 photos, a membership card and quarterly newsletters featuring the latest info on Shirley and her family.
New members also receive a welcome letter from Shirley and informational material.

United States residents: $15
Canada and Mexico: $18
Other Countries: $22

US members may pay by personal check.
Members outside the US: please pay dues in American dollars, International Money Orders, or by Western Union. (Please Make all checks payable to Martina Schade)

At this time, please print out this form and send it to the address below.

Send this form or any questions (with a SASE) to:

Martina Schade
2295 Maple Rd
York, PA 17404

All photos provided by The Official Shirley Jones Fan Club

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